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MTB Tandem Shredding Swinley Forest!

Many thanks to Andrew Wheat for his update on his Tandem. We love the images of the tandem shredding the Swinley trails! MTB tandem riding is masses of fun, if you have never tried it! Photo Credit…Martin Wheat. Happy trails to Andrew and Rachel…turning heads on dry and dusty trails. Watch this space and our blog for further news! For Tandem news, inquiries and advice go to https://www.thetandemshop.com/ and https://www.tandeming.co.uk/tandem-holid…/european-holidays/

“It’s been a few cold, dark months since we collected our tandem from you, during which other winter sports have taken priority; however, with the days getting drier, we’ve been getting out on it more.

We took our tandem to Swinley Forest, where we had great fun on the purpose-build trails. The following week, we encouraged another cyclist (my Dad) to join us and take a few photographs (It really didn’t take that much effort to convince him to join us!).

The Swinley trails are twisty with tight turns, on all of ascents, descents and the flat that people on solo bicycles have found challenging. There is quite a risk of grounding on some of the lumps, and it took a few pedal strikes and a few “get off and wheel the tadem over the lump” to gague what is possible and what is not.

As we were at the trail head, we’ve had comments like “Oh, wow, a tandem! Wait, are you doing the trails on that?!”, people are surprised that it is even possible to do those trails on a tandem, and that we have even attempted the easier blue, let alone the harder red.

On going around the trails, there were quite a lot of heads turning to watch us, and more than a few “Are you crazy”- style comments that we hear as we cruise past!

We have discovered that we only need to remove the wheels and the front section to get it into our tiny car, which vastly improves the assembly/disassembly time as resetting the eccentric is time consuming” – Andrew Wheat.

Image credit – Martin Wheat.


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