Manufactured by S and S Machine and fitted into Co-Motion Tandems since 1994

Co-Pilot means Couplings

Allows a Tandem to have two or four couplings for ease of transportation on Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

Since 1994, the S&S bicycle torque coupler has revolutionised the bicycle industry and forever changed the image of travel bikes. No longer is it necessary to compromise cycling performance in order to build in packability. Co-Motion was the first bicycle company in the world to offer Tandems with S&S couplers as a standard feature. A close look at the S&S coupler reveals the expert engineering that allows the system to work so perfectly. Interlocking tapered teeth are drawn together by a threaded lock ring, providing an extremely rigid joint with minimal tightening force. These hardened stainless steel couplers are extremely durable and reliable. In fact, a well-made coupled frame is measurably stronger than an identical frame without couplers. Some builders use plated or non-plated versions of the coupler because they are cheaper and speed up bicycle production, however we only the use the original stainless steel couplings. These cost more but they assure a lifetime of flawless and corrosion-free operation.

Naturally, the best reason to own a Co-Pilot is that you never have to leave your passion for cycling behind when you travel. Your Co-Pilot checks on as regular luggage, using our Co-Pilot travel case that meets airline regulations, saving you money and hassles each time you travel.

Two or Four Couplers?

Co-Motion offer the standard option of 4 to allow your Tandem to fit into two specially designed cases for ease of transportation by planes.  The ideal choice for the global adventurers.

You may wish to order your Tandem with only 2 fitted in front of the front seat tube. This option is popular here in the UK as the removal of the front part of your tandem does not rely on the removal of the crossover chain/belt – only in fact the cables for the gears/brakes using specially made cable couplers and the length of the Tandem is the same as a bicycle so can be fitted inside vehicles easily without the need of a roof rack.  They can also be fitted to a rear rack fitted to your car.

One other consideration is that if you do choose to fly then the Tandem with two couplers will fit into a standard bicycle box which you can get easily from all bicycle shops.  Making it disposable and obtainable on global destinations that are moving onwards.


We have selected a range of quality tandems that we believe represent the very best of Tandeming worldwide.