Welcome to our World…

In the Tandem World, all of the manufacturers are much smaller than the bicycle manufacturers, because the market quite simply is small and niche.

We carefully choose our Tandems to allow long-term Tandem ownership to be our ethos right from the very beginning.  From your first Tandem through to your current Tandem being upgraded to e-assist, we are here to help.

Some of our handmade Swallow Tandems, made by ourselves from 1979 have returned to us for a complete renovation and are still owned by the original owners!  We no longer manufacture as it made no sense when our chosen manufacturers fulfilled our customer’s needs.

To invest your money into a Tandem has to reflect both the rider’s needs.  So to assist you at a glance…of why you should choose us, here is the downloadable Tandem Matrix to see the benefits and long-term Tandeming. Reasons for owning a Tandem built by us in both Frame and Component specifics…. if you do choose us, we hope that your journey with us is as exciting for you as it is for us.

Thanks for listening,

Pete & Rob