Buy a new eTandem with Neodrives.

New Tandem purchases and specialist builds can also be fitted with a Neodrive system. Neodrive can be fitted to any of our new Tandems, excluding Rohloff hubs (see Heinzmann for Rohloffs).

When we tested Neodrives we were so impressed with its build quality, performance, weight, ease of use and fit and it’s clean line aesthetics that we are building one for ourselves!

Upgrade your Tandem with a Neodrive eTandem.

We are delighted to be offering Neodrives eTandem / power assist upgrade. The Neodrives easily converts your existing Tandem to an eTandem with a battery, motor and display / LED control unit that is retrospectively fitted to your Tandem.

If you’re looking for a top specified, easy to fit and use the eTandem upgrade for your favourite tandem, then this is the choice for you.  Contact us for the compatibility check.




Neodrives is the e-mobility brand of Alber GmbH, made in Germany… they develop and produce high-quality drive systems for the leisure segment, especially for e-bikes, under the brand name neodrives.

For over 25 years Neodrives has specialised in the development, production and distribution of highly integrated electric drive units.

Development and production take place exclusively in Germany. At its Albstadt, Germany location, Alber employs over 250 employees and produces electric drive units across 18,000 m² using the latest methods. Over 50 international patents and utility models, as well as the newly developed pedelec drive unit neodrives, are a testament to the innovative force of the company. With their commitment and inventiveness, our highly motivated employees contribute significantly to the success of the company.

The neodrives system Z20  has three components: a motor, a battery and an LCD display/control panel.

  • Completely Silent running
  • Quick Release or Thru Axle option (only on new builds)
  • 100% energy recovery increases battery range by 10%
  • Smooth power supply – zero jerking
  • Bluetooth diagnostics and programming
  • Reduced wear & tear on the transmission
  • Full light system integrated if chosen
  • The battery is 612W with a mixed range of 145km / 90miles (recommend two batteries on supply)
  • Battery charge time from empty to full – 3hrs (80% charged in 1.5hrs)
  • Total Net Weight increase – 5.5kg

Neodrives only work with manufacturers and we have exclusivity in the UK. This relationship gives you the rider, access to a huge amount of ebike experience, knowledge and expertise. This is a serious product with excellent manufacturing quality and rider support which delivers an amazing ride experience… and that’s why we wanted to work with them!

A number of different kit options are available at different price points all of which are compatible with a standard QR wheel system (for existing Tandems and with both QR and thru-axles for new builds). Please drop us a line to discuss the best package for your needs and specific Tandem.

The Neodrives system is the perfect choice for those looking to electrify their favourite Tandem or buy a new eTandem.  The system is smooth, silent, efficient, powerful and has a great aesthetic to compliment your Tandem! With an additional battery, you can increase your range to cover more miles as you can with an ‘off the shelf’ eTandem.

For more about the system:

Take a look at our E-Assist options.