Contemporary eTandems!

Bespoke eTandems using leading technology, high specs and beautifully crafted frames!

At The Tandem Experience & Tandem Shop, we work with the latest technology, leading component brands and frame producers to create bespoke eTandems.

eTandems are new to the cycling scene and we are at the forefront of their development.

Our options allow for 2 different types of eTandems to be built.

  1. New build – using the frames we design and the best suppliers in the world to create a bespoke eTandem.
  2. Retrofit – fitting a motor, battery and e-drive system to your existing Tandem. (this option is not available on all Tandems, a consultation is needed first)

Working with Neodrives and Heinzmann (and soon to be Bosch) drive systems we are creating bespoke eTandems that no else is making…meaning that you will have a truly unique Tandem.

Not only an eTandem that is groundbreaking but is also a reflection of the riders! We always strive to do this at The Tandem Experience & Tandem Shop.

We are creating eTandems with high-performance levels, reliability and with an amazing aesthetic!  Enough to allow you both to continue riding into the future and the ability to ride where you want to ride.

Whether you are looking for that special, unique build or wanting to refresh your existing tandem by adding power assist…we have an option for you.

“Today an Adventure, Tomorrow a Lifestyle”…

We now have the ability to future proof your Tandem with a drop out system that allows the frame to be upgraded to e or power assist in the future.

Ask for more details…