Tandem Rolf Alloy 700c Wheelset

With the Vigor, riders really can have it all. They have been the most popular wheels since Rolf Prima was founded and to this day their performance is unrivalled.

The Vigor combines best in class aerodynamics with lighter weights than many other manufacturers’ climbing wheels for a wheel that out performs the competition in every way. These wheels are equally suited for hard training rides as they are for chasing down the break at the local races.


  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Spoke Count: 14/16
  • Spoke Type: Bladed CX-Speed
  • Rim Depth: 33mm
  • Rim Width (max): 22mm Delta Rim Profile
  • Brake track Width (external): 22mm
  • Brake track Width (internal): 17mm
  • Rim Material: Alloy
  • Hubset: TdF4.4
  • Bearings: Enduro High Carbon Chromium ABEC-3 Cartridge
  • Freehub Material: CNC machined Titanium
  • Freehub Compatible: Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo 10/11-speed
  • Available as Powertap: No
  • QR Skewers: RP3.0 External Cam
  • Category: Road race, Triathlon, Time Trial, Fitness
  • Includes: Quick release skewers and reinforced rim strips
  • Weight: 1785g (815g/970g)

Key Technologies:

  • Paired Spoke Technology: Rolf Prima’s Paired Spoke technology broke new ground when it was introduced in 1997. Bringing the spokes to the rim in pairs neutralises the left and right outward pulling forces allowing them to build true wheels on lighter rims with fewer spokes. Fewer spokes and lighter rims help create increased aerodynamics and faster performing wheels.
  • Dish Reducing Design: This patented technology increases the bracing angle of the drive side spokes to improve wheel stiffness.
  • Differential Flange Diameter: An oversized non-drive Differential Flange provides the leverage to transmit drive torque in the rear wheel to the non-drive spokes, thereby increasing the number of torque absorbing spokes.
  • Jacketed Nipple Design: The deeper the rim, the more a spoke must bend along its path to the hub flange. The Jacketed Nipple Design moves the bend of the spoke away from the high stress area of the spoke threads and increases spoke life significantly.
  • Delta Rim Technology: In skydiving, the Delta track is the fastest position for gaining forward airspeed. Rolf Prima’s Delta profile takes that cue using increased width and sidewall shaping to improve airflow and stability in straight on and crosswind situations. This wider rim is not just faster, but the additional tyre support improves cornering and handling in all riding conditions.

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