Our workshop is prepped and ready for your pride and joy

Our expert team of mechanics will take great care in making sure your Tandem is in tip-top shape for your next ride.

Why have your tandem cared for at The Tandem Experience & Tandem Shop?

Whether its a puncture repair, servicing or a full custom build, our team of technicians here are on hand to take care of almost anything you or your tandem needs. With a collective experience of over 100 years of cycle servicing and building we can guide you through anything from a full custom build to changing brake pads with fair, honest and transparent pricing. Getting your tandem back in action as quickly and as safely as possible is our main priority.  We look at every job on an individual basis and will only charge you for the work we do.

Book a service

Due to demands on our busy workshop, we try to operate both a pre-booking and a drop off systems for servicing to ensure you are back on the road or trail as quickly as possible (we also know problems can occur mid ride so will always try our best to help out!). We feel this is the fairest way of running our workshop. You can contact us on 01952 458340 or by emailing the workshop on info@tandeming.co.uk to discuss booking in and workshop turnaround. We are all riders here and appreciate tandems need tweaks from time to time; if time allows we are more than happy to do minor on the spot repairs.

When your tandem arrives we will perform an initial inspection of it with you and if possible we will give you an approximate costing for the parts and work needed. If any further work is needed outside of this, we will contact you first.

Once the repair is complete you will be contacted by a method of your choice via : Text, phone call or email to let you know the repair is complete and the tandem is ready for collection.

On collection of your tandem we will talk you through all work undertaken and highlight any areas which may need further attention. You will also receive information detailing work done to your bike, with all information available at any time at a later date. Repairs are payable on collection.

Our workshop is incredibly busy and we value our storage space in order to continue to be able to offer great service and turnaround. After completion and notification of any work, tandems will be stored for 7 days free of charge. Any additional time in storage will incur a charge of £10/day unless previously arranged with the workshop.

We charge an hourly rate of £45 per hour that reflects our skills, time and investment in our workshop to keep your tandems safe on the road and trail.

For minor servicing such as gears or brakes it’s still best to phone ahead and book, although we can cope with some quick adjustments if you just drop by, however, please don’t feel offended if we are busy and we are unable to oblige, so it is best to phone and book.

Our full servicing charges at a glance
  • Tandem Service £140
    • Gears – full cable replacement and adjusted.
    • Chain and drive-chain, cleaned, checked for wear. Lubricated.
    • Tyres checked for wear, damage and inflated to pressure.
    • Steering, removed and cleaned,  checked for safety and adjusted if required.
    • Bottom Bracket removed, greased and refitted.
    • Seat post removed, greased and refitted.
    • Brake cables full cable replacement and adjusted.  Hydraulics are checked – If a full fluid replacement is required then this will be an addition cost seen below.
    • Gear hanger checked and tracked.
    • All hub bearings – removed, de-greased and re-greased.
    • Wheels trued and tensioned.
    • Advice given on any future issues and next service time-tabled.
    • If an E-tandem service then a full diagnostics report will be supplied and a battery capacity check completed to ensure your battery life.
    • PLEASE NOTE:  If the tandem arrives and requires cleaning prior to work being carried out then a charge will be made of £15 to ensure our technicians health and safety.
  • Wheel building, per wheel

    From £45 depending on spoke and rim combinations.

  • Wheel truing & tension

    £15 per wheel  – an extra charge if tyre has to be removed.

  • Tandem gear service

    £45 Full replacement of cables, housing, ferrules and caps.

  • Tandem cable brake service

    £45 Full replacement of cables, housing, ferrules and caps (pads extra).

  • Hydraulic brake service

    £55 Bleed and replace fluid front and rear (hose replacement, if needed, not included).  If included in a full service £20.

Anything that is not listed above we charge an hourly rate of £45 per hour, that can also be split into 15 minute segments at £11.25 per segment. Our minimum labour charge is £15. Unless specifically stated, these charges are for labour only, you will need to pay for parts on top.