Circe Helios Aurora Rohloff Tandem

The Aurora is the ultimate Helios. It features the remarkable Rohloff 14sp hub gear, and a spec optimised for heavy-duty touring or sports use.


  • Aluminium alloy Tandem frame with telescopic seat post for flexibility.
  • Portable Model Available – Additional £635.
  • One Frame Size. Front fits heights from 1500mm and 1850mm and rear riders between 3yrs old and 1850mm.
  • Colour Black (Other colours can be supplied at additional cost)
  • Child Adaption’s Available.
  • Cro-Mo with Disc mounts and Thru Axle.
  • 135/10 Quick Release.
  • 100/15 Front Thru Axle.
  • Rear Rack mounts – Front Rack via a ‘Brompton’ mount on the headtube.
  • Premium (52-30) Chainset.
  • Shimano Deore Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
  • Wheelset – Circe/Shimano Deore.
  • Tyre sizes from 47mm.
  • Rohloff Internal – 1 x 14.
  • Gear Range – 18″ to 95″
  • Tandem Experience Training is included when you buy.

Buy this Tandem with our Cycle to Work Scheme. Read about specialist Tandem Insurance and also Servicing which with all Tandems purchased from us has 2 years of service included – go to our Services page here.

From £3799, see below to add options and accessories. Configure your Tandem now!
 "We had 'The Tandem Experience', a really excellent introduction to riding a bicycle made for two. Very thorough training on technique for riding a tandem (hint: it's quite different to a normal bike), then a whole day hire of a touring tandem, with a very pleasant 25 mile circular route map supplied. Bike was very good quality, and training unhurried and well delivered. Highly recommended, if you're thinking of trying out a tandem!" James McRae, Local Guide - Google Review

Full Specification

  • Frame: Aluminium.
  • Fork: Cro-Mo with Disc mounts and Thru Axle.
  • Derailleurs/Shifters: Rohloff Internal – 1 x 14.
  • Brakes: Shimano Deore Hydraulic disc.
  • Headset: 1 1/8″ Sealed Bearing.
  • Drivetrain: Premium (52-30).
  • Bottom Bracket: Shimano External.
  • Cockpits: Flat handlebars – See Options Below.
  • Seat Posts: Alloy Oversize One Piece and Telescopic – See Options Below.
  • Saddles: Sportif.
  • Pedals: See Options below – not included in the price.
  • Wheels: Circe 406 Rims, Shimano Deore & Stainless Spokes.
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon 20″ x 1.75″ (47mm).
  • Cassette: Shimano 18t.
  • Mudguards: See Options below – not included in the price.
  • Front & Rear Racks: See Options below – not included in the price.
  • Bottle Cages: See Options below – not included in the price.
  • Other items are shown in our Options and Accessories below.

What frame size do we need?

A common question and one that we do take seriously as it makes the difference of riding a Tandem safely and for long term enjoyment.

How do we work this out? 

Here are some pointers we talk about regularly with our customers.

  • Your ‘Saddle Heights’ are critical and found commonly too low for efficient cycling.
  • Once your ‘Saddle Height’ is correct then your feet will only just touch the ground, by tip toe.
  • To find the correct ‘Saddle Height’ we require a ‘Standover’ measurement.
  • To do this simply stand with your back to a wall with your cycling shoes fitted, then place a book (approx. 30mm wide) between your legs and position so that it touches you firmly.
  • Then measure from the top of the book to the floor.
  • This measurement is your ‘Standover.’
  • Remove 100mm from this ‘Standover’ measurement and this will leave you with your ideal saddle height to start with.
  • The ‘Saddle Height’ is measured from the top/middle of the saddle to the centre of the chainset.

Now when looking at our Frame Measurements matrix below and look for the Standover column.  The measurement shown are the maximum of your Standover for front and rear riders.  Therefore you can look at frames that are lower than this.

Of course our Custom Sizing Option is  available if you are unable to fit the many sizes available.  We charge to produce a TandemCAD for you that is refundable once the Tandem is placed on order. Click below if you wish to go through this process.

Go to our Custom Sizing Option here!


Frame Measurements

Frame Size Top Tube F/R Seat Tube F/RChainstay Bottom Bracket F/RHead Tube WheelbaseFork Offset 1/2 StandoverHead Angle1/2 Seat Angle
One555/624 395/340410255/255150163645623/57472.071.5/71.5

Paint Options

Circe Paint Choices

The standard colour from Circe is Gloss Black. A choice of colours is possible with additional costs.

Circe Decal Choices

Circe decals are available in White only.

Options & Accessories

Pedals and Clips

We can supply any pedals or you can fit your own if preferred.
Pedals commonly used are: Shimano - 324 SPD / Flat, Shimano - 520 SPD, Classic Alloy (as shown) and Studded Platform. Half Clips can be supplied to fit Shimano 324 and Classic Alloy.


Saddles offered are from: Bioflex Ongel Ozone (as shown) - in various widths. Brooks - all models and Selle Italia - all models.

Suspension Seatposts

Recommended to fit to the rear position are the Cane Creek Thudbuster ST G4 (as shown) or the System EX EL.


Handlebars can be changed and the following are popular choices. Front - Jones Loop SG 64cm rise (as shown). Front/Rear - BLB Big Smoker Riser Bar 7.6cm rise. Rear - Profile Upturns 47cm wide.

Rear Stem Adaptions

Our Tandems are supplied with a standard adjustable rear stem, however depending on the sizes of both riders the rear handlebars may require to be higher. We supply a sleeve/stem combination to allow this to our existing rear stems. Please contact us to discuss the options. To fit seat post sizes of 27.2mm, 29.8mm and 31.6mm.


Racks for Panniers: Front/Rear - Tubus, Front/Rear - Blackburn and Rear - Topeak Super Tourist DX (as shown).

Panniers & Top Bags

Panniers from Ortlieb & Topeak (as shown with drop down panniers).

Bottles and Cages

Standard aluminium Pulse cages from Zefal and also the superb non cage bottles from Fabric (as shown) in two sizes and in clear or smoke.

Dynamo Package

Schmidt SON dynamo hub (as shown), superb Supernova E3 Pro 2 front light combined with Supernova 3 rear light. This package can be added to a Sinewave Cycles Reactor USB top cap charger for your USB-powered devices.

Sinewave Cycles Reactor USB

Sinewave Cycles Reactor USB top cap charger for your USB-powered devices.


Topeak Road Master Blaster to fit neatly into your frame for your on the move pressure top up and the Topeak Joeblow Turbo Floor Pump (as shown) to keep pressure topped up with ease.


Park Tool Peg Spanner SPA1 to fit all of our Tandem eccentrics. Combine this with a multi tool pack, puncture outfit and tyre levers and your ready for your travels.

Tandem Rak

To transport your Tandem on roof bars, rear of a Transporter or on a TowBar we have them all, please ask for more details.

NeoDrive E-Assist Addition

On Tandems with a vertical quick release drop out we are able to supply as an e-assist upgrade at the point of order. Please contact us to discuss the options.


On some of our tandems a kickstand can be fitted to frame mount, ideal for touring Tandems. The Pletscher Twin leg stand is available in Silver or Black and 26"/27.5"/28"/292 wheels.

Touch Up

Touch Up can be ordered for all of our Tandems.

Mudguards 20"

Circe Mudguards in Black only.

Ursus Jumbo Stand

Circe Helios & EOS Kickstand and can only be fitted to models with a hub gear.

Helios Front Stand

Circe Helios front stand fits to the front bottom bracket, providing a secure way to support the bike when you have children or luggage on the back. Located at the front, it makes getting the bike on and off the stand easy when loaded. The stand can be retrofitted to any Helios frame. Weight limit - 50kg.

Crank Shorteners

Available for all Tandems to allow a child to ride the rear. Machined from high grade aluminium and fit easily to a standard crank arm and offer three new pedal positions at 20mm spacings (on a 170mm crank that would be 150mm 130mm and 110mm).

Circe Rear Handlebar

Circe Handlebar it can be fitted pointing back to provide a comfortable cockpit for a child, or, turned forwards, makes a multi-position adult stoker bar.

Circe / Rixen & Kaul Adapter

This adapter converts the mounting block on the front of the Helios head tube, so that it will accept the standard Rixen & Kaul fitting. The adapter is the silver part in the picture, Rixen and Kaul bracket sold separately.

Rixen & Kaul Adapter

Especially designed adapter to allow KLICKfix bags to be mounted onto the head tube of frame. Because this adapter is fixed directly on the frame, the steering remains completely independent of accessory weight.

Racktime Fold It Rack

Circe Tandems that are portable
would benefit fitting the Racktime Fold-it Fix 24" rear rack. It allows a slightly lower load platform and consequent smaller pack size. The lower pannier positioning also results in a lower centre of gravity with potential advantages in handling.

Circe Traveller Case

Custom made case, vacuum formed from tough HDPE, it has four wheels, a drag handle and four catches, and will take a Helios tandem fitted with the Separable kit. By installing the Trailer kit, the Traveller case can be converted into a touring trailer. The ideal combination for transporting your Helios by Air and then embarking on a long tour! Note that for retrofitting the Trailer kit, the Traveller case needs to be returned to Circe Cycles. Weight: 9.5 kg Dimensions: 840 x 660 x 350 mm

Circe Trailer Kit

Converts the Circe Traveller case into a trailer. The trailer kit and certain configurations of dismantled tandem will fit into the case allowing completely self supported travel ( No more, ‘well what do I do with the case?’). Note that for retrofitting the Trailer kit, the Traveller case needs to be converted to facilitate the Trailer Kit.

Circe Front Rack

To fit a Circe Tandem, this front rack attaches to the mudguard mounting points on the front fork.

Circe - 12mm Thru Axle Dropout

Circe Tandem Only - These replaceable drop outs can be fitted to replace the 10mm Q/R dropouts that come as standard. They will allow you to fit rear hubs that require a 142 x 12mm thru axle.

Ergon Grips

Ergon - developed for riders seeking the most hand positions. The GP1 grip combined with a 5 finger multi-position bar end featuring rubberised inserts for a positive grip.

Separable Options

Helios and EOS Tandems can be made as a separable. Prices quoted for packages at time of order.

How to buy

If you don’t know the size/saddle height you require:

  • Complete a sizing fit either in-store or virtually – click here to book.
  • Choose a Tandem, specification and any accessories via our website (within each Tandem product), over the phone or email or in-store.
  • We will contact you to secure your order with a 50% deposit.
  • Or arrange Finance Options.
  • You will receive a delivery ETA.
  • Take delivery of your new Tandem or global shipping can be arranged.
  • Ride your new Tandem!

If you do know the size/saddle height you require:

  • Choose a Tandem, specification and any accessories via our website (within each Tandem product), over the phone or email or in-store.
  • We will contact you to secure your order with a 50% deposit.
  • Or arrange Finance Options.
  • You will receive a delivery ETA.
  • Take delivery of your new Tandem or global shipping can be arranged.
  • Ride your new Tandem!

Alternatively – contact us (phone or email or in-store) to start a no-obligation, no pressure discussion to decide if a Tandem is for you and how to buy the perfect fit.