The Tandem Experience

Before you buy a Tandem, a Tandem Experience allows a full day session riding Tandem… includes full training & advice, guaranteed to confirm whether it is for you or not.

Up to 4 hours of amazing riding!

£60 for both of you and refundable if you decide to buy in the future.

The Tandem Experience

It costs £60 (for both of you) which includes full training & advice.

We pride ourselves on offering the very best Tandem Training in the UK for over 25 years to allow both of you to experience Tandeming at its best, with fun guaranteed.

Located in Coalport in the Ironbridge Gorge, home to the glorious Shropshire countryside, market towns, and the world’s first Iron Bridge.  Routes are both lanes and traffic-free to suit all riders.

To make sure you have the perfect day we book only ONE Tandem Experience per day – unless of course, you wish to share with friends. It’s a great way to book a day that is really different and dedicated to you.

The Tandem Experience is from 10 am with drop off at 4 pm…giving you an amazing 4 hours of riding with training!

We have a no-nonsense booking policy.

All bookings can be postponed without a cost and are fully refundable if the need arises, Gift Vouchers are non-refundable and transferable. To make a booking please use the form below or call us on 01952 458340

  • Pick a date
  • Pick a route
  • Enjoy your day

Tandem Discovery Package - Tandem Test rides

For people that haven't ridden a Tandem and would like to buy one or for those that have and would like to test ride and/or improve their riding skills.

Our Tandem Experience Discovery days are on weekdays only - Tuesday to Friday. Saturdays can also be booked - please ensure to include your mobile number on the booking form for us to call you to discuss. We will discuss your requirements with you and the important things to consider when getting your own Tandem. Progressing to the training session, learning how to correctly mount, ride and dismount a Tandem. Then you can try a range of our Tandems on local routes, and discover the various configurations that can be adapted to your style of riding. If you buy a Tandem from us later, the cost of the Tandem Experience is refunded to you.

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